Kamchatka wild salmon and caviar

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About us
"TD Kamchatka", LLC is the Moscow representative office of the fishing and processing holding of Kamchatka, which includes several enterprises.

More than 20 years our company specializes in fishing and processing of wild salmon on the East Coast of Kamchatka. We produce genuine salmon caviar within four hours after the fish has been caught. And we supply our caviar to Russia, the CIS countries and the EU.

You can buy fresh-frozen wild kamchatka salmon, as well as red caviar in bulk in Moscow from our warehouse at competitive prices.

"TD Kamchatka", LLC – the very best of Kamchatka!
Our Partners
Vostochny Bereg, LLC
"Vostochny Bereg", LLC was founded in 1998. Currently, it is one of the most stable and dynamically developing enterprises in the Kamchatka Territory. Production capabilities are constantly increasing. So in 2013, a fish processing complex was equipped with modern equipment and designed to produce 350 tons of products per day. The raw material for production is fish, which is caught in the rich and environmentally friendly waters of the Karaginsky Gulf, the Bering Sea.

The structure of the fish processing plant includes production department and auxiliary blocks (workshops). There is a raw fish processing block, equipped with a modern full-cycle production line, which allows to process raw fish efficiently and in a short time; also caviar-production and packaging block; refrigerator with a capacity of about 6000 tons.
RPZ Maksimovsky, LLC
Maksimovsky Fish Processing Plant ("RPZ Maksimovsky", LLC) is located in the village of Ivashka, Karaginsky District, and specializes in catching fish and other aquatic resources with their subsequent processing.

RPZ Maksimovsky finished a project of production modernisation and build a high-tech fish processing plant. Total investment is amounted to 1,1 billion rubles. Number of jobs created - 345. Place of implementation - Ivashka village, Karaginsky district. The implementation of the project allowed the company to ensure high quality fish products while increasing production.
Ukinskiy Liman, LLC
Ukinsky Liman is a young, high-tech company, an innovator in the field of wild salmon harvesting and processing. The plant is located in the north of Kamchatka at the mouth of the Uka River. The production uses Japanese technologies for the extraction and processing of fish. The latest equipment for shock freezing of fish products allows us to produce a high-quality product right in the fishing area to maintain the highest quality given by nature!
Kolkhoz Bekereva, JSC
Founded more than 80 years ago, the Bekerev Kolkhoz JSC is one of the ten leaders in the fishing industry of the Kamchatka Territory. Artel "Rybak" and the collective farm "XIII Anniversary of October" laid the foundation for a modern enterprise. In the 60s, two artels united and formed a collective farm, named after the chairman of the Koryak regional executive committee Georgy Ignatievich Bekerev. In the Soviet period, the collective farm occupied leading positions, the labor exploits of the collective farm workers were known far beyond the Kamchatka Territory. Since 2009, after the successful corporatization, a new stage has begun in the development of the collective farm. Since that moment, a deep modernization of the enterprise has been carried out in all areas of activity. Today the collective farm shows excellent indicators of catches and fish production and is a modern enterprise.